Jobs for technical writers

Best Jobs for Technical Writers

Are you thinking about trying a new career? If you are into writing, then you should consider technical writing. The good news about this field is that there are plenty of opportunities for technical writers and the job itself is very flexible. 

Read on so you can learn more about this career option and about the top technical writing jobs that are currently available.

The Basics of Technical Writing 

In the past, technical writing was the kind of writing used to document technical processes. This kind of writing was used extensively for product manuals and other highly specific documents. That definition has become obsolete since technology is continuously developing and technical writing is no longer just for use in manuals.

These days, any writing that requires the description of a technical process can be classified as technical writing. Because of the spread of the internet, there are so many technical guidelines and other documents that are being published. 

Getting Started As a Technical Writer

The question in your mind right now is how can you get started as a technical writer. For starters, you need to write. If you have not been writing before, then it’s not that easy to get started with technical writing, since this is a highly specialized field. 

If you are in the writing field, you should incorporate tech into your writing. You will need to write about tech topics if you want to become a technical writer so you need to get used to the idea.

Practice writing about complex technical procedures in simplified language that most people can understand. Once you have mastered that, then you can move fully towards technical writing.

Best Jobs for Technical Writers

So, now technical writers are no longer just limited to writing manuals. We have listed here the top jobs for technical writers today:

  • Technical Writing (Traditional)

There are still opportunities for technical writers who could cater to the more traditional need. These writers will be writing manuals that are going to be used by those who are insiders in an industry. This requires a high level of familiarity with the subject and the jargon used within a company and the industry. This can be a great career option as companies need a technical writer for insider communication.

  • Review and Report Writers

These are the technical writers who are focused on writing academic reports. They are mainly focused on writing about topics that are related to education and business. They might write reports that are related to educational and business institutions.

  • Science Paper Writers

It goes without saying that technical writers who are focused on science and medical papers require a high degree of knowledge about the subject they are writing about. If you are a medical or a scientific professional, then this can become a legitimate part-time job for you.

  • UX Writers

UX stands for User Experience. These writers are tasked with writing the text that users see when they are using software, game, or some other digital product. The text they write acts as a guide for users and so they are essential for the design team.

  • End-User Document Writers

These are very similar to the writers of manuals. Only this time, instead of writing manuals for technicians and users within an industry, they are writing manuals for ordinary users. These documents need to be simple and easy to understand. They should not be very technical so ordinary users can follow the instructions.

  • Technical Marketing Writer

Those who develop apps and software are very good at what they do. Unfortunately, they might struggle when it comes to describing what they have created. This is why they need help from technical marketing writers who can help them to promote what they have made. Not only are they familiar with the subject but they can convey the concepts there using simple language. 

  • White Paper Writer

A white paper writer is a highly specialized niche and that can give you plenty of opportunities to earn well. Not many writers go into this niche. A white paper writer writes about a company and how that company was able to overcome an issue. This requires a lot of research and inside knowledge of a company.

  • Case Studies Writer

Case studies are similar to white papers and they are used for marketing. Normally, a case study would be focused on one user of a product and would explore the experience that the user had with that product. This is also a very specialized niche that will allow you to earn more as a writer.

  • Proposal Writer

This is a possible starting point for you if you want to get started with being a technical writer. As you can tell, the idea behind it is to write effectively that it can convince clients to sign on for a project. This requires knowledge of a product but having a background in marketing and sales can help.

  • Brochure

This is another great area for beginners in the technical writing field. Brochures are meant to inform the users of details regarding a product and a service. This does not require too much technical knowledge. What’s important here is the ability to convey ideas in a clear and concise language that users can understand.

  • Technical Copywriting

The main thing that makes a technical copywriter different from a traditional technical writer is that it is more focused on marketing. The aim of technical copywriting is to get more customers. While it may explain some technical details, that is just to get more customers in the process.

  • Grant Writers

If you want to jumpstart your technical writing career, then you can try being a grant writer.

Various grants are offered by the government and nonprofits. To qualify for those grants, you need to file the right documents and those have to be written in a specific way. It is the job of the grant writer to meet those specifications.

  • Assembly Guidelines

Have you bought a product that requires assembly? Then you have used the work of assembly writers. This kind of writing requires detailed knowledge of the product and experience when it comes to assembling it.

  • Business Plan Writer

A business plan writer must be a business professional who has detailed knowledge of a business method and plans.  If you are somehow connected to the business world, then this is a good place for you to get started with your technical writer career.

  • Literature Review Writer

This is a great way for you to get started in your career as a technical writer. If you love books and literature then this might be the right niche for you. Learning how to review books is not that technical since it requires mostly your opinion. That makes it easier to get started with this kind of technical writing job.

Career Opportunities

There are websites and social media groups for freelance technical writers that you can join to help you get started on your new career as a technical writer. As you can see, some jobs would not require experience and you can just rely on your existing knowledge. 

What are you waiting for? It’s about time that you get started in your new field.